Top 5 Local Calendars for Social Media Content Calendar Creation

Top 5 Local Calendars for Social Media Content Calendar Creation in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Local businesses are getting pretty savvy with their Social Media these days and that’s great!

You can see almost instantly how having ‘likes’ can be converted into customers and how keeping up the conversation with your ‘likers’ and ‘followers’ can convert those customers into loyal customers too.

Sometimes it can be tricky to think of what to say online. You might get a burst of inspiration that amounts to three posts a week and then another week get so busy that you only post once. We’ve got tools to automate our Social Media content which are so helpful in these times but still…without anything to say you’ve got nothing. It’s proven that if you post early, often and be seen to be helpful and up-to-date with community events that your community will respond with ‘likes’ which keep you in their newsfeed so they’ll remember you and turn to you first over searching for competitors.

See below for my list of the Top 5 Local Calendars you can use when creating a content calendar for your Social Media accounts. Just click on the name to be taken to the calendar!

Note: Dependant on your industry you might want to include topics that are related to the seasons e.g: Swimwear in summer, jumpers and jackets in winter etc. I haven’t listed the seasons here, they don’t change!

Where to get up to date correct calendar information:

Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre – Calendar of Events

Without a doubt, this is my favourite! This calendar has been created for use of Kalgoorlie Boulder residents and visitors and should really be used by all community organisations and members as the central calendar of events. It’s really easy to use and you can upload your own event information, catergorise it to specific industries or interests and if you ask nicely even export it to your own website for people to peruse.


Possibly swayed towards the more artistic in nature the ArtGold calendar is a basic listing of all community events that the ArtGold committee are aware of. Coupled with the regular ‘Stop the clashes’ meetings, ArtGold is determined to provide a resource that people can consult when choosing a date for their upcoming ¬†event. This calendar has information from government, community organisations and local businesses. It’s also the first place you’ll find information on Art & Culture events in the Goldfields.

Edit: This calendar is now available as a word document so you can easily copy and paste event information!

My Community Connect

Added bonus here – it’s a national calendar! You can define search results to show community events in your area or from anywhere in Australia. Powered by Radiowest it’s a great resource for mostly free sporting events and fundraisers. Just like the two before it, you can upload your events quite easily!

Western Australia events

Want to reach further? Go bigger? The state calendar of things to see and do is supported by the State Government of Western Australia and resides on the Western Australia tourism website. It’s here you can find information about large festivals and events.

Search Perth metro or Regional WA.

School Holidays and Public Holidays for Western Australia

No content calendar is complete without noting public holidays and school terms. You might need to know these dates already for staff rosters and your businesses closure dates. You will need to know these dates well in advance if you are trying to attract youth or people holidaying within our state.

Go through and decide which dates appeal to you and fit in with your target market. When copying the information into your content calendar don’t just put the date of the event or holiday consider raising awareness and hype by talking about it days or even weeks in advance. I suppose you could say that you should treat it like Christmas….all the big retailers have their Christmas stuff up already…you should to to capitalise on people purchasing gifts and checking out holiday destinations.

Remember to post early, often and stick to relevant topics. No point in posting about Easter after the fact or trying to get last minute sales when you close in 2 hours. Most Social Media feeds won’t relay your content fast enough to your followers and if they ‘like’ it, chances are their friends will see it too late.

So, these are the 5 calendars I use to set the framework for customised Social Media calendars for Kalgoorlie Boulder clients. Do you have a resource you use regularly?

Bonus links to consider:

National Calendar

Days of the Year