Not all SME’s need to tweet, post and pin

Do you Even Tweet?

Not all SME’s need to tweet, post and pin.

A common misconception about using social media for business promotion is that business owners feel like they need to have an account with.every.single.different social media platform in order to be found online, to be hip and on-trend and to give everyone a chance to see what their business offers.

They’ve been told they MUST have a Facebook Page for their business.

“Don’t forget to Sign up to Twitter so we can live Tweet when we shop in your store”

“Whatya’ mean you don’t have a LinkedIn account for your business? How is anyone going to find you?”

I’m going to buck the trend here and say….

“No. You don’t need to be tweeting, pinning and posting 24/7″. If you’re not comfortable with using so many different accounts, adhering to their varied guidelines for sharing content and don’t want to waste valuable time trying to make sense of Facebook’s algorithms then don’t!”

But (yeah there’s always a but) you do need to know what these platforms are, how they work, who is using them and why they might be worth your time and energy.

The most popular social networks being used by Australian consumers are:

1. Facebook – 14,000,000 users (steady)
2. YouTube – 13,750,000 UAVs
3. – 5,800,000
4. Instagram – 5,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
5. Tumblr – 4,500,000
6. LinkedIn – 3,550,000
7. Blogspot – 2,800,000
8. Twitter – 2,791,300 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
9. WhatsApp – 2,400,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
10. TripAdvisor – 2,100,000

See full statistics here at Social Media News

Start brainstorming the Pro’s & Cons of different platforms and how they could work to help promote your business’s products and services

Things to Consider:

  1. Who your audience is
  2. Where they get their information
  3. What content do your consumers like to see?
  4. Are you able to share often enough to be seen?
  5. Can you track your success?

Don’t go deleting your Facebook page just yet. If you’ve already put in the time and effort to create a happy little community then keep it up. If it turns out that creating and managing an Instagram account will benefit your business’s online presence and ROI then link the two. Upload your picture to Instagram, with appropriate hashtags of course, then post to Facebook. Simples.

You may already have an online presence and not know it!

Search your own business name using search engines like Google or Bing or within any social networking app itself. See if your business name comes up, has somebody hashtagged your business name? Has somebody left a review about your business on an automatically generated page?

Trust me, it’s a quick exercise which can root up some excellent reviews, consumer photos and also half-hearted-but-now-gone-stale-because-nobody-knows-the-login-details-since-the-last-receptionist-left pages and accounts!

Claim all the listings, the reviews sites, the stale pages and accounts and list which platforms you are now going to focus on, gather a little content and start owning that online presence using the tools that you are comfortable using.

Remember to review this new social media strategy every couple of months too!

Quote from Erik Qualman #smm

Let me know if you’ve had successes by changing your social media platform for your business promotions!

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Social Australian SME’s Have More Business Confidence

Australian consumers are becoming more receptive to advertising within their social networking platforms, are engaging with brands and will use social networking platforms to actively search for discounts and offers.

In the latest report from Sensis they report that over half of Australian SME’s that use a social networking account for business purposes were more confident going into the next 12 months than SME’s who didn’t use social networking actively or at all.

It’s not just confidence that they are excelling in, all social SME’s were also able to report an increase in sales and profitability and what could be most joyous in our current economic climate – employment!


Hold that thought.

They are confident, increasing sales and are able to employ others because of their social efforts but disappointingly 81% of small businesses stated that they did not have any strategy in place to guide them, no goals to strive for and no policies in place to keep that upward trajectory.

Just like a business would track their return on investment after performing a catalogue letterbox drop or after running a television ad campaign, conversion from social networking platforms need to be measured too.

Sure, they’re free to set up but actively managing multiple accounts for businesses can be a drain on time. Most likely a small business’s social network accounts are managed by staff who already wear many hats and may not have the training or understanding to convert those browser to shoppers, increase brand loyalty and resolve disputes in such a public arena.

As part of a Pride and Prominence Marketing Plan measuring a business’s ROI is part of the package.

As well as:

  •  A tailored Social Media Policy
  • A 6 month content calendar
  • In-house training for staff in charge of Social Media
  • Social Network Account of your choice with administrators set up and branding

Email through your query or give Sarah a call to learn how you can become a confident social SME!

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