Social Media Spring Clean – Your To-Do List

Social Media Spring Clean – Your To-Do List

Invest a little bit of time in reinvigorating your Social Media accounts.

Infographic explaining Social Media account clean up
Social Media Spring Clean To-Do List

Putting in the time to ensure your Social Media accounts reflect your brands missions and objectives can really go a long way in presenting to the world your professionalism and commitment to customers.

Follow the to-do list once and then schedule in another clean-up in a month or so.

If you’ve uploaded a cover page or banner image that has an expiry date remember to schedule it in your calendar so you can immediately replace it with more relevant graphics.

Don’t forget to consider changing passwords if you’ve recently removed administrators!

And whilst you’re at it, if you’ve got links displayed on your Social Media profiles go through the motions to ensure they are linking correctly.

I hope you find my pretty to-do list helpful!

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