Social Australian SME’s Have More Business Confidence

Australian consumers are becoming more receptive to advertising within their social networking platforms, are engaging with brands and will use social networking platforms to actively search for discounts and offers.

In the latest report from Sensis they report that over half of Australian SME’s that use a social networking account for business purposes were more confident going into the next 12 months than SME’s who didn’t use social networking actively or at all.

It’s not just confidence that they are excelling in, all social SME’s were also able to report an increase in sales and profitability and what could be most joyous in our current economic climate – employment!


Hold that thought.

They are confident, increasing sales and are able to employ others because of their social efforts but disappointingly 81% of small businesses stated that they did not have any strategy in place to guide them, no goals to strive for and no policies in place to keep that upward trajectory.

Just like a business would track their return on investment after performing a catalogue letterbox drop or after running a television ad campaign, conversion from social networking platforms need to be measured too.

Sure, they’re free to set up but actively managing multiple accounts for businesses can be a drain on time. Most likely a small business’s social network accounts are managed by staff who already wear many hats and may not have the training or understanding to convert those browser to shoppers, increase brand loyalty and resolve disputes in such a public arena.

As part of a Pride and Prominence Marketing Plan measuring a business’s ROI is part of the package.

As well as:

  •  A tailored Social Media Policy
  • A 6 month content calendar
  • In-house training for staff in charge of Social Media
  • Social Network Account of your choice with administrators set up and branding

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