Small Business Owners – Put on Your Marketing Hat for 2 Minutes – How Google Adwords can boost your revenue quick!

Small Business Owners – Put on Your Marketing Hat for 2 Minutes – How Google Adwords can boost your revenue quick!

If you are a small business owner operator you wear many hats. There’s your bookkeeping hat sitting next to the calculator and box of receipts. There’s your sturdy facility manager hat for changing light bulbs and dusting shelves. I see you’ve got a customer service hat next to the till displaying a brightly coloured badge promoting your latest sale and you wear it with a smile but I do admire most your marketing hat.

It matches your businesses colour scheme and has your logo prominently displayed on the front. Stitched around it’s edge is addresses for your website, your social media accounts and your up-to-date contact information. It’s the most important piece in your head wear collection and yet you wear it the least.

Pop it on for 2 minutes as I show you what I learnt about Google Adwords that can change your marketing tactic over different months to get you the best return possible on your online marketing campaign.

Take Advantage of Statistics in your Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool

I work with a few different industries in Kalgoorlie Boulder. Some businesses need to target locally due to their offered products and services and some businesses can trade with customers from all over the world.

I am currently targeting residents and visitors to Kalgoorlie Boulder and can’t help but notice a missed opportunity for local businesses when it comes to creating Google Adword campaigns. I want you to embrace this opportunity and consider making it a part of your regular advertising campaigns and budgets. There are people out there actively looking for what you sell and if your website is new (like mine) or you are drowned out in the Search Engine results by the big boys* it may be time to launch a carefully researched and organised campaign to get traffic to your website and ultimately turn a simple search enquiry into a paying customer – don’t forget to put your customer service hat once you get them in to create loyal paying customers long after your online Google Adwords campaign.

So, how can statistics help us here?

Once logged in to Adwords you can search the popularity of search terms and phrases used by certain demographics from particular locations and how often these search terms are used. Ultimately, Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool is for you to use as a resource when you are creating a campaign. Searching for individual keywords and phrases is what this tool is for if you have a preprepared list it’s better to use a pay as you go service like SEM Rush or Keyword Tool.

What caught my eye and inspired this blog post is that there is a trend across multiple search keywords and phrases that grows in the Kalgoorlie Boulder typical tourist months of March/April and August to October.

For the purpose of this article let’s use the search term ‘Kalgoorlie Restaurants’. Pop that into  your Google search box and see what is returned. You’ll note that there are no ads showing at the top or along the right hand side. Why is that? Well, nobody has created a Adwords campaign targeting people searching for restaurants in Kalgoorlie.

The top results you are delivered are of course listings on Google’s own product – Google My Business or Kalgoorlie restaurants with a Google+ account. You’ll note I often promote Google+ as an important Social Network for Small Business for this  very reason but more on that another day.

Image showing search engine results for Kalgoorlie Restaurants in 2015 | Pride and Prominence - Marketing Solutions for SME's | Kalgoorlie Boulder | Western Australia

Note how the graph spikes in those milder weather months of Autumn and Spring? People are visiting Kalgoorlie Boulder and are looking for somewhere for eat! Residents are coming back out of their air conditioned /heated homes and offices and are hungry!

So what did I learn in 2 minutes that I wanted to share with you?

It’s worth the time and effort of a Kalgoorlie Boulder eatery to create a Google Adwords campaign. With a small average cost of 80 cents per click – when the user clicks the ad – they stand to benefit a massive return on the advertising if that user chooses them and most likely dines with at least one other person.

Have a play with searching for businesses products and services using the Keyword Planner Tool using keywords and search terms that you think other humans use relative to your business. You might be suprised about the results and from there will be able to focus on a particular demographic at a specific time of year that gets your business in front of users ready to buy. No more broad brush marketing hoping for your ad to be seen.

Use the free data available to  you to give you less time wearing the marketing hat and donning the customer service hat once those hungry customers are at your door.

It’ll give your bookkeeping and facilities manager hat such a workout you can go on to employ someone else to where it for you!


If you need help with accessing Google Adwords and the Keyword Planner Tool or don’t own a marketing hat I am happy to help you! Send me a message through the Make Contact page.

*Big boys refers to third party directory listings such as Yellow Pages, True Local, WhereIs, Tripadvisor etc