Online Marketing Jargon for SME’s. Learn it then apply it!

Online Marketing Jargon for SME’s. Learn it then apply it!

PPC, SEO and Edgerank……What?!

Chances are you know some of these terms already and the following is definitely not a comprehensive list. For a Small to Medium business shifting from traditional advertising like newspaper and radio this glossary of terms is just a starting point for jargon and buzzwords you’ll hear and see when thinking about marketing your business online.

Commit them to memory and think about how applying some of these terms can benefit your business!


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. The collection of techniques and strategies you’ll use on your website and social media to boost your online presence.

PPC – Pay Per Click. The advertiser chooses an amount that they are willing to pay every time someone clicks on their online ad.

CPC – Cost Per Click. The advertiser can set an amount they are willing to pay per click but because the keywords or terms they want are popular there is already a set cost. For advertisers not wanting to pay the set cost but still wanting to advertise they might find that their ad is not displayed as often over advertisers who do pay the set amount.

CPM – Cost Per Thousand. Advertiser pays per impression. So every time the advertisers ad is shown to people, not neccesarily clicked, the advertiser will pay regardless.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page. The page you are directed to when performing a search within a search engine, like Google or Bing. All behold Page #1!

eDM – Electronic Direct Mail. Marketing newsletters and promotions sent to customers on your email subscriber list.

UGC – User Generated Content. This is my favourite. Users on social networking platforms are constantly uploading photos and videos of their experiences with businesses products or services. As a Social Media Listener, brands can share the content saving themselves the task of having to come up with it themselves.

ROI – Return on Investment. Why put in effort into Social Media or Online Marketing Campaigns unless you’re going to track it? Calculate your Return on Investment by dividing the profit by the cost.


Edgerank – This is the name of Facebook’s Algorithm. You’ll probably never know your Edgerank ranking as Facebook is holding that quite closely to it’s chest. Basically, the higher your Edgerank the more likely you will appear in your followers newsfeeds.

Analytics – Data served to you by various platforms which displays who has seen your content, gender, location, time etc. You can study your analytics to see what works and what doesn’t when posting to your social media platforms or even the content you display on your website.

Content Marketing – The art of delivering helpful, knowledgeable and shareworthy content. Users of social media are more inclined to engage with businesses who post helpful information about their products and services instead of just ads. Boost your content marketing efforts with a blog, photos and videos or post “how to” guides for using your products.

Keyword – Relevant words or phrases that relate to what you do or where you do it that users are typing into search engines to help resolve their needs. Search engines recognise repeated words on your website as keywords so if you want to be found imagine you are a customer looking for what you sell….use the same keywords or search terms to improve your chances and gain more traffic to your site.

Conversions – Crucial to your Online Marketing Strategy! Before you start any campaign you should have a goal. Is it more ‘likes’? More email newsletter sign -ups? Anytime you achieve this goal you have ‘converted’ a user to a possible customer.

As stated earlier, this is nowhere near a comprehensive list of Online Marketing Jargon, acronyms or buzzwords but a starting point for learners.

Check back again as it’s updated.

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