Create Your Own Content – Don’t become a media thief!

I was going to write a stellar article about managing multiple Social Media accounts in the middle of a crisis (think rain and high wind in this example) but I had to nip out for a content break.

A content break?

Yes, a content break. I had to leave my office to meet with a friend and co-worker to take some photos of ourselves around town for an upcoming campaign.

We don’t always take photos ‘on location’. Majority of the time we either have images sent to us by others, scour the back categories of our own images or fortunately for me, my friend is a graphic designer and she’ll make us up images from scratch or stock images.

Yes, it can be time consuming. Stock images aren’t cheap. But do you know what kills trust in your product or service faster than a Today Tonight feature story on your wheeling dealing ways?

Copyrighted images used as your own.

We’re not all fortunate to have a graphic designer on board. But there’s nothing worse than seeing a business promoting a new product or service with an image that is still displaying the watermark of it’s original owner.

See what I mean?

Article about when copyrighted images are used by businesses | Pride and Prominence Social Media Marketing | Kalgoorlie Boulder
See the watermark of 123rf?

Just because an image is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s a free for all and can be used by your business. You might get away with it sure, but as soon as I or any other person that supports the right of an artist to be paid for their work sees it they’ll feel an instant uneasy feeling and will become very wary about choosing to work with you.

And if the government catches you? Copyright fines can be upwards of $1,000! If you’ve been breaching copyright consistently then you can expect jail time too! The fines and possible sentences grow for businesses.

If you can’t access a graphic designer or photographer to help you collate a suite of images to promote your goods or services then consider stock images or make your own like I do using Canva or paying a smaller amount to a designer through Fiverr.

Social media platforms like Facebook even have a guide about copyright within their help centre that assists with trying to determine if your content is copyright or not.

Good quality images can catch the eye of possible customers so don’t turn them off before they’ve inquired further.



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