Create Your Own Content – Don’t become a media thief!

Article about how not to breach copyrighted images in Autralia when promoting your business| Pride and Prominence - Social Media Marketing Kalgoorlie Boulder Western Australia

I was going to write a stellar article about managing multiple Social Media accounts in the middle of a crisis (think rain and high wind in this example) but I had to nip out for a content break.

A content break?

Yes, a content break. I had to leave my office to meet with a friend and co-worker to take some photos of ourselves around town for an upcoming campaign.

We don’t always take photos ‘on location’. Majority of the time we either have images sent to us by others, scour the back categories of our own images or fortunately for me, my friend is a graphic designer and she’ll make us up images from scratch or stock images.

Yes, it can be time consuming. Stock images aren’t cheap. But do you know what kills trust in your product or service faster than a Today Tonight feature story on your wheeling dealing ways?

Copyrighted images used as your own.

We’re not all fortunate to have a graphic designer on board. But there’s nothing worse than seeing a business promoting a new product or service with an image that is still displaying the watermark of it’s original owner.

See what I mean?

Article about when copyrighted images are used by businesses | Pride and Prominence Social Media Marketing | Kalgoorlie Boulder
See the watermark of 123rf?

Just because an image is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s a free for all and can be used by your business. You might get away with it sure, but as soon as I or any other person that supports the right of an artist to be paid for their work sees it they’ll feel an instant uneasy feeling and will become very wary about choosing to work with you.

And if the government catches you? Copyright fines can be upwards of $1,000! If you’ve been breaching copyright consistently then you can expect jail time too! The fines and possible sentences grow for businesses.

If you can’t access a graphic designer or photographer to help you collate a suite of images to promote your goods or services then consider stock images or make your own like I do using Canva or paying a smaller amount to a designer through Fiverr.

Social media platforms like Facebook even have a guide about copyright within their help centre that assists with trying to determine if your content is copyright or not.

Good quality images can catch the eye of possible customers so don’t turn them off before they’ve inquired further.



If you need help with creating promotional material for your business or community organisation get in touch today!







How to link Instagram with Facebook for better reach

Blog about linking Instagram with Facebook for better reach | Social Media Marketing | Pride and Prominence | Marketing Solutions for SME's | Kalgoorlie Western Australia

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How to link Instagram with Facebook for better reach

Instagram is Australia’s fastest growing Social Media network. From February to June this year it’s user base grew by 1 million people! So….you should be there too! Facebook has bought out Instagram (for a lazy billion dollars) and has made it so we can link the networks together. Save yourself the bother and time posting to two separate accounts and read on to learn how to link the two together…

If you haven’t harnessed the power of this popular visual sharing resource don’t worry, it’s super easy to create an Instagram account – learn how to here.

Once you have an Instagram account for your business it’s much easier to use Instagram to upload photos and branded quotes, sales specials and inspiration rather than logging into Facebook. Especially seeing as we, small business owners, use our mobile phones for taking photos.

If you want to create gorgeous photos using a high end camera or upload branded pictures you, or a graphic designer, have created on your PC there are two simple ways to get that content onto your Instagram account and share with Facebook (and Twitter or Tumblr amongst others) at the same time with a simple click of a button.

From a mobile device:

Log into your Instagram account using your mobile phone via the app – click here if you use an Apple device and here if you use an Android device

Now once you have logged in, access your profile and make sure that you have linked your Facebook page as your preferred place to share your Instagram posts:

Profile – Options – Settings – 

Screenshot displaying Android mobile phone Instagram linking to Facebook page


Select ‘Linked Accounts’ and your next screen should look like so (but without the little pink squares, that’s just what my screen looks like as I contribute to many different Facebook pages)

Choose from the displayed Facebook accounts to integrate your Instagram account

One thing I have noticed is that if I log out of a particular Instagram account and into another one for a different business or organisation is that I need to double check that my preferred ‘Linked Accounts’ have been selected. It’s not a hard task, but it will default to your personal Facebook timeline so be wary. If you have encountered this and know how to fix it I’d love to hear your ideas!

Once the correct Facebook account has been chosen all you need to do is select ‘Facebook’ when uploading your content via Instagram. Your posts will automatically be shared to your Facebook page. Two Social Media accounts – one stone.

Uploading via a PC or laptop:

It used to be that Instagram was solely a mobile only application. You could do nothing via a PC or laptop other than browse accounts. We now have the capability to upload content and monitor accounts via the Hootsuite dashboard.

You of course will need a Hootsuite account. Join here!

Once you have signed in you will need to give Hootsuite permission to access your accounts. It is here that you will ‘sign in’ to Instagram using your username and password.

Once you have set up your Instagram account, simply choose Instagram from the menu of linked Social Media accounts.

Below is a picture of where the linked accounts reside for you to choose from. I personally do not use Instagram for my business finding that Google+, Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn work better for my promotional material.

Screenshot showing how to post to Instagram via Hootsuite | Pride and Prominence | Marketing Solutions for SME's | Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Click the picture for a larger view

Of course, you can via Hootsuite upload your content to other networks too if you have them.

As always, remember to post early, often and ensure the information you are sharing is helpful!

Please let me know if the above tutorial has been helpful to you.

If it’s all too much, send me a message and I can set you up quick smart.


Top 5 Local Calendars for Social Media Content Calendar Creation

Local Calendars for Social Media Content

Top 5 Local Calendars for Social Media Content Calendar Creation in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Local businesses are getting pretty savvy with their Social Media these days and that’s great!

You can see almost instantly how having ‘likes’ can be converted into customers and how keeping up the conversation with your ‘likers’ and ‘followers’ can convert those customers into loyal customers too.

Sometimes it can be tricky to think of what to say online. You might get a burst of inspiration that amounts to three posts a week and then another week get so busy that you only post once. We’ve got tools to automate our Social Media content which are so helpful in these times but still…without anything to say you’ve got nothing. It’s proven that if you post early, often and be seen to be helpful and up-to-date with community events that your community will respond with ‘likes’ which keep you in their newsfeed so they’ll remember you and turn to you first over searching for competitors.

See below for my list of the Top 5 Local Calendars you can use when creating a content calendar for your Social Media accounts. Just click on the name to be taken to the calendar!

Note: Dependant on your industry you might want to include topics that are related to the seasons e.g: Swimwear in summer, jumpers and jackets in winter etc. I haven’t listed the seasons here, they don’t change!

Where to get up to date correct calendar information:

Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre – Calendar of Events

Without a doubt, this is my favourite! This calendar has been created for use of Kalgoorlie Boulder residents and visitors and should really be used by all community organisations and members as the central calendar of events. It’s really easy to use and you can upload your own event information, catergorise it to specific industries or interests and if you ask nicely even export it to your own website for people to peruse.


Possibly swayed towards the more artistic in nature the ArtGold calendar is a basic listing of all community events that the ArtGold committee are aware of. Coupled with the regular ‘Stop the clashes’ meetings, ArtGold is determined to provide a resource that people can consult when choosing a date for their upcoming  event. This calendar has information from government, community organisations and local businesses. It’s also the first place you’ll find information on Art & Culture events in the Goldfields.

Edit: This calendar is now available as a word document so you can easily copy and paste event information!

My Community Connect

Added bonus here – it’s a national calendar! You can define search results to show community events in your area or from anywhere in Australia. Powered by Radiowest it’s a great resource for mostly free sporting events and fundraisers. Just like the two before it, you can upload your events quite easily!

Western Australia events

Want to reach further? Go bigger? The state calendar of things to see and do is supported by the State Government of Western Australia and resides on the Western Australia tourism website. It’s here you can find information about large festivals and events.

Search Perth metro or Regional WA.

School Holidays and Public Holidays for Western Australia

No content calendar is complete without noting public holidays and school terms. You might need to know these dates already for staff rosters and your businesses closure dates. You will need to know these dates well in advance if you are trying to attract youth or people holidaying within our state.

Go through and decide which dates appeal to you and fit in with your target market. When copying the information into your content calendar don’t just put the date of the event or holiday consider raising awareness and hype by talking about it days or even weeks in advance. I suppose you could say that you should treat it like Christmas….all the big retailers have their Christmas stuff up already…you should to to capitalise on people purchasing gifts and checking out holiday destinations.

Remember to post early, often and stick to relevant topics. No point in posting about Easter after the fact or trying to get last minute sales when you close in 2 hours. Most Social Media feeds won’t relay your content fast enough to your followers and if they ‘like’ it, chances are their friends will see it too late.

So, these are the 5 calendars I use to set the framework for customised Social Media calendars for Kalgoorlie Boulder clients. Do you have a resource you use regularly?

Bonus links to consider:

National Calendar

Days of the Year



Social Media Spring Clean – Your To-Do List

Social Media Spring Clean Pride and Prominence

Social Media Spring Clean – Your To-Do List

Invest a little bit of time in reinvigorating your Social Media accounts.

Infographic explaining Social Media account clean up
Social Media Spring Clean To-Do List

Putting in the time to ensure your Social Media accounts reflect your brands missions and objectives can really go a long way in presenting to the world your professionalism and commitment to customers.

Follow the to-do list once and then schedule in another clean-up in a month or so.

If you’ve uploaded a cover page or banner image that has an expiry date remember to schedule it in your calendar so you can immediately replace it with more relevant graphics.

Don’t forget to consider changing passwords if you’ve recently removed administrators!

And whilst you’re at it, if you’ve got links displayed on your Social Media profiles go through the motions to ensure they are linking correctly.

I hope you find my pretty to-do list helpful!

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Online Marketing Jargon for SME’s. Learn it then apply it!

Online Marketing Jargon

Online Marketing Jargon for SME’s. Learn it then apply it!

PPC, SEO and Edgerank……What?!

Chances are you know some of these terms already and the following is definitely not a comprehensive list. For a Small to Medium business shifting from traditional advertising like newspaper and radio this glossary of terms is just a starting point for jargon and buzzwords you’ll hear and see when thinking about marketing your business online.

Commit them to memory and think about how applying some of these terms can benefit your business!


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. The collection of techniques and strategies you’ll use on your website and social media to boost your online presence.

PPC – Pay Per Click. The advertiser chooses an amount that they are willing to pay every time someone clicks on their online ad.

CPC – Cost Per Click. The advertiser can set an amount they are willing to pay per click but because the keywords or terms they want are popular there is already a set cost. For advertisers not wanting to pay the set cost but still wanting to advertise they might find that their ad is not displayed as often over advertisers who do pay the set amount.

CPM – Cost Per Thousand. Advertiser pays per impression. So every time the advertisers ad is shown to people, not neccesarily clicked, the advertiser will pay regardless.

SERP – Search Engine Results Page. The page you are directed to when performing a search within a search engine, like Google or Bing. All behold Page #1!

eDM – Electronic Direct Mail. Marketing newsletters and promotions sent to customers on your email subscriber list.

UGC – User Generated Content. This is my favourite. Users on social networking platforms are constantly uploading photos and videos of their experiences with businesses products or services. As a Social Media Listener, brands can share the content saving themselves the task of having to come up with it themselves.

ROI – Return on Investment. Why put in effort into Social Media or Online Marketing Campaigns unless you’re going to track it? Calculate your Return on Investment by dividing the profit by the cost.


Edgerank – This is the name of Facebook’s Algorithm. You’ll probably never know your Edgerank ranking as Facebook is holding that quite closely to it’s chest. Basically, the higher your Edgerank the more likely you will appear in your followers newsfeeds.

Analytics – Data served to you by various platforms which displays who has seen your content, gender, location, time etc. You can study your analytics to see what works and what doesn’t when posting to your social media platforms or even the content you display on your website.

Content Marketing – The art of delivering helpful, knowledgeable and shareworthy content. Users of social media are more inclined to engage with businesses who post helpful information about their products and services instead of just ads. Boost your content marketing efforts with a blog, photos and videos or post “how to” guides for using your products.

Keyword – Relevant words or phrases that relate to what you do or where you do it that users are typing into search engines to help resolve their needs. Search engines recognise repeated words on your website as keywords so if you want to be found imagine you are a customer looking for what you sell….use the same keywords or search terms to improve your chances and gain more traffic to your site.

Conversions – Crucial to your Online Marketing Strategy! Before you start any campaign you should have a goal. Is it more ‘likes’? More email newsletter sign -ups? Anytime you achieve this goal you have ‘converted’ a user to a possible customer.

As stated earlier, this is nowhere near a comprehensive list of Online Marketing Jargon, acronyms or buzzwords but a starting point for learners.

Check back again as it’s updated.

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Social Media Listening…. it’s a thing.

Social Media Listening

Social Media Listening…. it’s a thing. How and where to monitor people talking about your business online.

That burning sensation you can feel on your earlobes? That’s because people are talking about you and they might be doing it behind your back!

Welcome to the art of Social Media Listening.

Not to be confused with Social Media Monitoring.

Monitoring is a practice which I hope you are already doing. Checking which Facebook posts get the most likes, the country from which your followers are from, their gender, what time of day your Tweets are most likely to be Retweeted and so on.

That’s you tracking what you’ve said, your contribution….Social Media Listening is tracking what others say….joining those conversations and applying what you’ve learnt to your business’s products and services.

Social Media Listening has been likened to eavesdropping – you didn’t start the conversation, you probably weren’t tagged in it but as opposed to eavesdropping there’s no shame in it. (unless you’ve purposely avoided being identified by creating a false account to access this information) The forums you’ll use as a Social Listener are public – they are posted on the World Wide Web and can be accessed by anyone so hop to it before your competitors do!

Some of the most successful ideas I have had and implemented are results of listening to our local community, checking local Facebook pages for people talking about what is lacking in our outback city, asking questions and testing the ideas with the target audience (that bit is tricky to do when your competitors are listening to these conversations too but I have my methods)

Are you all ears?
Are you all Ears?

Where can you as a business owner direct your listening so you do pick up on what people are saying about you and your industry in a timely manner? No point in implementing those popular summer cocktails recipes from 2013 now. You need real-time analytics!

The Social Media Examiner has created a list of tools you can use with their expert experiences to boot. My favourite is Hootsuite – which I use for autoscheduling and sharing across multiple platforms already.

To start the ball rolling, enter your business name into search engines to find out if people are talking about you. If you want to know what is being said about the products you sell, enter those into the browser. Enter your competitors name into the browser, see what people say about them….if they’re not responsive to people’s ideas or critiques then use it to your advantage. Search for the conversations happening about the brands you sell, just because you aren’t the brand doesn’t mean you don’t want some of that spotlight.

Hop on a forum relevant to your industry. Offer helpful knowledge, don’t go nuts promoting your business, just offer helpful information to consumers queries. Product after care, reviews, referrals and expertise!

To summarise:

Social Media Monitoring is something we do without trying too hard, most applications and services like Google Analytics serve it up to without you even asking.

Social Media Listening is actively seeking mentions, reviews and conversations about your business or the products and services you sell. Tracking the data and adapting your business’s offerings to consumers concerns and ideas.

Applying Social Media Listening can be time consuming, to be sure you’ve got the right listening tools in place contact Sarah today.

All Ears photo credit – Flickr Creative Commons

Post Interesting Stuff – Don’t Just Self Promote

Pride and Prominence | Happy Eat Your Vegetables Day Flyer

Super quick post!

Yes, yes, we all know Facebook has changed the way it feeds information to users newsfeeds and that business pages the world over have noticed a decline in their reach.

Use Facebook for your Business just like you’d use Facebook as an individual.

Post quotes, share funny videos, lovely pictures of the sunset from your shopfront. Just make sure everything is branded with your logo.

Today is International ‘Eat Your Vegetables’ Day. I’m off to jump on that bandwagon with my cute little celebratory pic (branded of course!)

Pride and Prominence | Happy Eat Your Vegetables Day Flyer
Happy Eat Your Vegetables Day!

Let me know how you go posting something that has no relation to your businesses products or services but is interesting to your readers!

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Not all SME’s need to tweet, post and pin

Do you Even Tweet?

Not all SME’s need to tweet, post and pin.

A common misconception about using social media for business promotion is that business owners feel like they need to have an account with.every.single.different social media platform in order to be found online, to be hip and on-trend and to give everyone a chance to see what their business offers.

They’ve been told they MUST have a Facebook Page for their business.

“Don’t forget to Sign up to Twitter so we can live Tweet when we shop in your store”

“Whatya’ mean you don’t have a LinkedIn account for your business? How is anyone going to find you?”

I’m going to buck the trend here and say….

“No. You don’t need to be tweeting, pinning and posting 24/7″. If you’re not comfortable with using so many different accounts, adhering to their varied guidelines for sharing content and don’t want to waste valuable time trying to make sense of Facebook’s algorithms then don’t!”

But (yeah there’s always a but) you do need to know what these platforms are, how they work, who is using them and why they might be worth your time and energy.

The most popular social networks being used by Australian consumers are:

1. Facebook – 14,000,000 users (steady)
2. YouTube – 13,750,000 UAVs
3. – 5,800,000
4. Instagram – 5,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (Facebook/ Instagram data)
5. Tumblr – 4,500,000
6. LinkedIn – 3,550,000
7. Blogspot – 2,800,000
8. Twitter – 2,791,300 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
9. WhatsApp – 2,400,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)
10. TripAdvisor – 2,100,000

See full statistics here at Social Media News

Start brainstorming the Pro’s & Cons of different platforms and how they could work to help promote your business’s products and services

Things to Consider:

  1. Who your audience is
  2. Where they get their information
  3. What content do your consumers like to see?
  4. Are you able to share often enough to be seen?
  5. Can you track your success?

Don’t go deleting your Facebook page just yet. If you’ve already put in the time and effort to create a happy little community then keep it up. If it turns out that creating and managing an Instagram account will benefit your business’s online presence and ROI then link the two. Upload your picture to Instagram, with appropriate hashtags of course, then post to Facebook. Simples.

You may already have an online presence and not know it!

Search your own business name using search engines like Google or Bing or within any social networking app itself. See if your business name comes up, has somebody hashtagged your business name? Has somebody left a review about your business on an automatically generated page?

Trust me, it’s a quick exercise which can root up some excellent reviews, consumer photos and also half-hearted-but-now-gone-stale-because-nobody-knows-the-login-details-since-the-last-receptionist-left pages and accounts!

Claim all the listings, the reviews sites, the stale pages and accounts and list which platforms you are now going to focus on, gather a little content and start owning that online presence using the tools that you are comfortable using.

Remember to review this new social media strategy every couple of months too!

Quote from Erik Qualman #smm

Let me know if you’ve had successes by changing your social media platform for your business promotions!

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#Hashtag101 – A best practice guide for business


#WHAT #WHEN #WHERE #WHY AND #HOW to use Hashtags for Business

Hashtags are increasingly becoming popular not only as a way to catergorise pictures and topics on popular social networks such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but is becoming a way for consumers to search for products and services within these applications and the internet.

#WHAT is a Hashtag?

A Hashtag is the ‘hash’ or ‘pound’ symbol which I personally still use to represent a number.  I believe Urban Dictionary contributors define it best.

My favourite is #3. That’s number 3. The third definition down the page.

Think of Hashtags as SEO for your Social Network Platforms  – click to tweet

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